5 reasons why I am that into Tallinn

2017. január 28. - kátya.

It’s been already five years since I first landed in Estonia. Yeah I know, sometimes it is just so annoying for you that I am always talking about Tallinn or Estonia… If you are keep wonder why do I love it that much, now I bring you 5 (+1) moments or places to show you why it is that unique.


Pine trees and beaches

If you think about a beach, I am sure, that palm trees, sand and sunshine will pop up in your mind. But in Estonia, at Pirita there is a pine forest before the seaside. But after the forest there is the soft sand and the beautiful seaside. And if you are lucky sunshine as well.


Sunset at Linnahall

Huge, ugly and useless. And one of my favourite spot in Tallinn. If you walk across the old and clastic stairs and the broken glasses your reward  will be a spectacular view for the sea, the harbour and behind your back for the Fat Margaret and the Oleviste Kirik. This is the best place to watch the sunset, have hugs or long conversations with your friends.



The old, the soviet and the modern

Pretty old town with cobble stones, but with some luck you can catch wifi at the Viru gate (not the McDonald’s or the Hessburger’s). Few meters later the romantic cobble stones ends in a road, where little old trams in the old „retro” soviet style are going and at the corner there is Viru Hotel with an interesting history about the soviet area and next to it there is the very modern, new looked Viru plaza. And there are several places where these three collides and I really enjoy that.

 Kohtuotsa viewing platform

My other favourite place is the Kohtuotsa viewing platform. Okay, okay, I know it is very mainstream, but I still remember for the first time when I visited this spot during the Erasmus city games. It took my breath away. All the colorful rooftops and from the corner you can see the corner of the Lauluvaljak too.


 As the crow flies

 Towers, towers, towers! I literally fell in love with the view from the seaside and the harbour. I even have a tattoo about Tallinn’s siluette. And you do not have to go far from the city center to get this amazing view.



 +1, Winter suits it well

 I never felt that cold, what I felt in Tallinn. You feel it in your bones. But in a weird way - maybe just because the nostalgia – it made me like the winter a bit more and find the beauty in it. When the rooftops and the roads are covered with snow. When you can literally walk on the sea… when people use skies to walk accross the snow… I am sure Christmas and winter fits really well to Tallinn and to the whole country. One day I really want to visit it during advent and drink hot wine at the Townhall Square.


In the other hand it also taught me, that protect myself againts the winter is more important than "being pretty”. I was very vain, I always had a fabric coat, which looks quite pretty, but worth nothing when you have to deal with minus degrees. I remember, one year before my Erasmus I shivered during my way from the college to home on the tram, just because I thougt a „puffy coat” would be ugly. Now I happily wear my ugly, but really warm coat, which helped me to survive a winter in Estonia.



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