„A man who leaps his own shadow and walks away alone.”- Holy Motors interview

2016. július 11. - kátya.

The Holy Motors one of Estonia most promising bands with their dream sequenties and western inspired music. The band released their EP, Heavenly Creatures in 2015 at Wharf Cat Records, a New York based label, now, they are on their longest tour in Europe. On Monday – thanks for the Estonian Institute in Hungary – the Hungarian audience have the chance to listen this heavenly created music in live at A38. 






The members of the Holy Motors began to play together as a form of meditation. „

At that time there was no ambition to become what you might call a band. The search for ecstasy was mutual and from there on the band just happened.”

–they said. Their name is came from a movie title, so in their „inspiration list” you can find the movies as well, but as they explain the main inspirations for them someting less touchable: „things, but such list can never be inclusive or even honest, since things happen and inspiration is in their capacity, but not in your reach.”

The group usually describe themself of a band from a non existent movie, but if it would be an existent one the strory would be about „a man who leaps his own shadow and walks away alone. But not sincerely”.


The band just started making music in 2013, but they are already signed up for a New York based record label, called Wharf Cat Records. But how could an emerging Estonian band find a deal like this in the youngest continent? Their story sounds as a scene from the black and white 60’s:”The cooperation started via Floridian named Carson Cox. All of us, his band Merchandise and us were having a sabbath inbetween performances on this festival. The next day it all ended and we said the usual farewell you say to good people after you spend some good times."

It started raining that day soon after high noon and locals were gathering for a funeral.This is only particular, because the same occurred the next year. With Carson, however, we never saw him again. Then he texted us months after and introduced us with the news of a record deal. Eventually the administration of things got transferred from Floridian Hidden Eye to the Brooklyn-based Wharf Cat Records, where we met Trip Warner. The pleasure was ours and the Tallinn – New York connection settled. But this all first happened in 2014, in rural south-west, town of Kilingi-Nõmme at the Schilling festival.”

Now, their plan for 2016 to record their first LP at Wharf Cat Records studio and then tour around in New Your in fall.

The Holy Motors already performed at the Tallinn Music Week three times, now they are on their longest tour concert-wise. „We've been around Sweden and Denmark putting on shows for around the same lenght of days, but less showsed.  On such times of leisure you transpose the purposes of your travel a lot. This time there's less of that particular luxury that feels like Sundays behind lace curtains and in sheets of linen. Currently we're in between nights either on road or random apartments. The drive down south was fuzzy, much like a trance insulated by the void of a good nights sleep. It is now the last night in Kiev, before Budapest. It’s cold rain and cool wind.”

Well, hopefully in Budapest they gonna have better weather during there show at A38. If you are curious how sounds their music which can be described as „the wind with a vibrato” come tonight to A38 at 19, where Holy Motors will perform with SONYA and the Pregnant Whale Pain.

Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/1735779340023809/

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