YEStonia's favourites at Tallinn Music Week 2016

2016. március 31. - kátya.

The Tallinn Music Week will start it’s exciting musical program tonight. Between 31st of March and 2nd of April you can see more than 200 acts in live. To help to choose from them, here are YEStonia’s recommendations.


Argo Vals

Argo Vals is an amazing musician, whetever he is playing alone or with his band. His instrumental pieces have sonorous melodies, ringing tones, tense vibrations and drifting and heavy guitar solos. Beautiful instrumental music with jazz, ambient, electronic music and math rock elements. Usually, he performing with his guitar and loopers by himself, but now, during TMW you can catch him with his band as well, which makes his music more powerful.


Friday 01.04  at  21:00
Festival stage / presents at  Sinilind / Hall 1

Saturday 02.04  at  18:00
City stage / Viljandi Vibes presents (Pikk 9 + live-stream at  Biit Me Record Store      


Erki Pärnoja

Erki Pärnoja well known as a member of Ewert and The Two Dragons, but besides it he contributing in many other projects, like the Estonian-Swedish-Danish collaboration MaiNekk, or in the Estonian-Hungarian „line” he plays in the Porteleki/Tärn/Pärnoja Trió. Now, he presents his solo work, called Himmelbjerget. Music for inside movies.


 Listen to his music:


Thursday 31.03  at  21:45
Festival stage / Eesti Pops presents at  Kino Sõprus            

Friday 01.04  at  18:30
City stage / Viru väljak 4 at  Viru Keskus


Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS?

Have You Ever Seen The Jane Fonda Aerobic VHS? is a surffy punk-rock trio from the Finnish-scene. They do not have a guitar player, but they do not need it, because they changed it for  good old Casio-and Eco-organs. Their concert tastes like a 60s garage concert with surfffing melodies.


Friday 01.04  at  01:20
Festival stage / Raadio 2 presents at  Von Krahl / Downstairs

Friday 01.04  at  18:30   
City stage / Tööstuse 48 at  Noblessneri Valukoda/ Tallinn Craft Beer Weekend


I Wear* Experiment

The „punchy nordic electro-pop” trio was established by Hando Jaksi guitartist, Mikk Simson drummer and Johanna Eenma singer in 2012. Their music is like a magical travelling within soft electro-pop clouds, while sometimes you rush into some unexpected, but good-looking post-rock skyscrapers. Check out our interview  with them.


Thursday 31.03  at  20:30
Festival stage / TMW opening party at  Kultuurikatel / Hall 1

                                                  Saturday 02.04  at  00:00                                                   
Festival stage / Positivus Festival + ILY present at  Kino Sõprus

Friday 01.04  at  18:15
City stage / Estonia pst 9 at  Apollo Bookstore in Solaris Centre


Kerli is an Estonian superstar. She recently moved back to Estonia from the US to find her roots again. So, she moved to a wooden house in a forest at the middle of nowhere to collect inspirations and write her new album. The „treatment” was succesful, she released her new single Feral Hearts a couple of weeks ago. I am sure, that her gig gonna hit at the Rock Cafe!


Festival stage / Tuborg Green Club: Raadio 2 presents

at  Rock Café    


Keymono plays a funny, catchy music, with neo-soul vocals based in electronic basis. Probably, you can not avaoid to start smiling during listening there colorful and bright music. The Lithuanian band now based in London, they won many arwards and they also got a publishing deal with EMC/SONY music for their album.


Listen to their music:


Saturday 02.04  at  19:00
Festival stage / Positivus Festival + ILY present at  Kino Sõprus

Saturday 02.04  at  15:30
City stage / Viru Väljak 3 at  Nordic Hotel Forum


Laika Virgin

The Estonian Laika Virgin plays really hot alternative rock, with smashing songs, fuzzy guitars and a cool attitude. They were compared to Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Beck, Gorillaz and Radiohead, I would add on this list Movits! as well, because of their „feel good” music. Oh, and plus point for their name!

City stage / Müürivahe 20 at  Must Puudel
Festival stage / World Clinic presents
at  Woodstock / Rockstar's


Micucu’s music mostly inspired by the nature and surrounding people, perfect for escape from the reality, it has a back to the nature „feeling”. They describe their music as electro-acoustic mix and recently released their new single, called Val.

Festival stage / Raadio 2 presents

at  Von Krahl / Downstai

Festival stage / Positivus Festival + ILY present

at  Kino Sõprus

City stage / Telliskivi 62

at  Renard Coffee Shop


Middlemist Red

Middlemist Red „our sons” will be the only one Hungarian band performing in TMW. Their psych-rock swirl’s main inspiration channels from late 60's and early 70's rock bands like The Doors and The Beatles, as well as bands from the new wave of psychedelic rock like The Black Angels and Tame Impala. The band already had two full house concerts at Eurosonic festival, now they are here to show their music in Tallinn as well.


Friday 01.04  at  16:30 
City stage / Telliskivi 60a shopping street at  Homeart Interior Store & Cafe

Friday 01.04  at  21:00 
Festival stage / World Clinic presents at  Woodstock / Rockstar's


In this area it is not neccesarry to introduce Shipsi - Jānis Šipkēvics – who is from the well-known Latvian band, called Instrumenti. Now, he is back to Tallinn with his new solo music project, called Shipsea. His really unique falsetto voice will give you a beautifully strange experience. 

Shipsea - Meitene no manas klases from Shipsea on Vimeo.


Thursday 31.03  at  22:00
Festival stage / TMW opening party at  Kultuurikatel / Hall 3


Friday 01.04  at  16:15
City stage / Viru väljak 4 at  Viru Keskus



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